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2023/24 Yearbook Tracking information

As a Yearbook is a unique, customized book, it is not possible to receive your order a few days after you register as you get used to it with other books or online purchases. 

Please note we need time to collect all students’ information who wish to be included in the Yearbook. After successful registration, it takes time to design, print and deliver your order.

We will deliver all Yearbook orders by 30th of November 2024 to your shipping address.


All Yearbook Delivery Date: 30th of November 2024


Milestones of creating your Yearbook

Step 1.

1st of October 2023 - 31st of July 2024 

Receiving Student Registrations

31st of July 2024 Closing Student Registrations

Step 2.

1st of August 2024 - 31st of August 2024

Design and Proofreading work

Step 3.

1st of September 2024 - 31st of October

Printing Work

Step 4.

1st of November 2024- 30th of November 2024

Labelling and Shipping of the Yearbooks

Tracking numbers will be sent out by email by courier's company


Step 5.

by 30th of November 2024


Receiving your Yearbook


Thanks for your understanding and patient!