During the online Yearbook registration process you will be asked to upload a photograph of yourself that will appear on your Yearbook Profile Page.

This document offers guidance on the type of image needed and includes brief instructions on how to crop and resize an existing image you may have.

Keep in mind:

• as we crop the photo to a round shape, please, take the photo from a little distance. We do not want to crop out a part of your head or body.

• make sure that you position yourself in the middle of the picture.

• you DO NOT have to wear your graduate costume on the picture, you can include your picture with casual clothes

• format: JPG or PNG (​most digital cameras and smartphones save photographs as JPG/JPEG files. You can find the file size of an image by right clicking 'file' and selecting ‘Properties’).

• Size and Shape: at least 400*400 pixels preferably square shape. During your uploading process, our app will automatically resize your picture to at least 400*400 pixels.


Perfect Image
Wrong Image
The photograph must:
  • be taken with your eyes open and clearly visible.
  • show you on your own.
  • be taken within the last 2 years.
  • be clear and in sharp focus, with a clear difference between your face and a background.

A photograph that doesn't meet the requirements will be rejected!

Help with resizing or cropping a photo.


​Several websites allow you to crop and resize pictures online. For example, and, but please note that these are external sites over which we have no control. 

Paint (Windows XP, Vista & 7)

To crop:
​1. Right click on image
2. Open with: Paint
3. Click the 'Select' tool
4. Drag the tool to select the area required
5. Click ‘Copy’
6. Use ‘File |New’ and ‘Paste’ to paste the copied section into a new image
7. If the white background is bigger than the photo click on the background and use the crop boxes to remove the background
8. Use ‘File | Save As’ to save this photo as a new image in 'JPEG' format.

To resize:
1. Right click on image
2. Open with: Paint
3. Click the 'Resize' tool
4. Select ‘Pixels’
5. Enter ‘400’ for horizontal width '400' for vertical height. (‘Maintain aspect ratio’ should be ticked)
6. Click ‘ok’
​7. Use ‘File | Save As’ to save this photo as a new image in 'JPEG' format.

Apple Mac

​ To crop:
1. Add photo iPhoto
2. Select picture and click ‘Edit’
3. Select ‘Crop’
4. Drag crop box to classic passport photo shape and click ‘Apply’
5. Click ‘Done’

To resize:
1. Select photo in iPhoto
2. Click File (at the top), and then Export
3. From Kind, select Jpeg
4. From Size, select Medium
​5. Click Export